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Interdisciplinary Research Themes

Responding to the world’s most pressing problems, and responding to the strategic drivers in our funding environment, requires respectful and innovative interdisciplinary research. To build critical mass in our interdisciplinary partnerships, we are focusing our research development support on five, social-science led, interdisciplinary themes:

Upcoming events from across the IRTs

For a full update of each theme's activities and areas of focus, visit the relevant theme website above.

EVENT I Addressing the Gender Imbalance in UK Entrepreneurialism

Tuesday 3rd October, 2023 (in person)

Join this panel event tackling issues of gender inequality in UK entrepreneurialism...(read more)

EVENT I Exploring interdisciplinary research: A hands on approach

Wednesday 22 November, 2023 (in person)

Join this event for critical reflection and knowledge exchange on interdisciplinary research in the social sciences and beyond....(read more)

EVENT I ICAI Learning Event: Aid to Agriculture in a Time of Climate Change I 28 Sept

Thursday 28th September, 2023 (hybrid)

Join ICAI, the University of Glasgow and Farm Africa for this hybrid learning event on aid to agriculture in a time of climate change....(read more)

EVENT I Evidence for Change - Building partnerships between academia & third sector

Tuesday 10th October, 2023 (hybrid)

Join researchers, practitioners and advocates to discuss building partnerships between academia and the third sector in the Global South...(read more)


For a full update of each theme's activities and areas of focus, visit the relevant theme website above.

BLOG I Researcher Q&A Dr Elisabetta Ferrari

Dr Elisabetta Ferrari has been awarded a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant and is undertaking international research to examine ‘mutual aid’ during the Covid-19 global pandemic....(read more)

BLOG I New Research Fellow for Interdisciplinary Research on Digital Society and Economy

In August 2023, Gemma Milne joined the theme leadership in order to support research across the college. In this blog, Gemma introduces her research interests, previous work, and what the digital society and economy interdisciplinary research theme means to her...(read more)

BLOG I GSIN June Meet-up: Glasgow Women's Library

At the Gender and Sexualities Interdisciplinary Network June meet-up, we had the pleasure of hosting Sue John from Glasgow Women's Library; the UK's sole accredited museum dedicated to the histories, lives, and accomplishments of women...[read more]

BLOG I Diversity in STEM Roundtable

This roundtable discussion and valuable knowledge exchange opportunity, 主办的解决红外热成像的不平等现象, focused on practical solutions to help address equity issues in STEM fields...(read more)

BRIEFING PAPER I UN Meeting: Net-zero homes

Members of the Digital Society and Economy IRT, along with representatives from The Crichton Trust, are presenting a paper as part of The United Nations Experts Meeting No 23rd ‘Home/Family & Climate Change’ in collaboration with and hosted by the Home Renaissance Foundation and Nottingham Trent University. This paper is part of a longer-term collaboration between the University of Glasgow and The Crichton Trust...(read more)

BRIEFING PAPER I Living well in a digital world

What is a just, inclusive society? How do we live well, particularly in the digital age? This briefing paper summarises key learnings and discussion from a recent all-day event and project development forum organised by the Digital IRT. Moving away from disciplinary silos, diverse expert speakers and attendees discussed how to live well with new technologies in an increasingly complex world...[]

BLOG I Erasmus+ ARUA Event: Addressing Non-Communicable Diseases in Africa

Learn more about this event 主办的解决红外热成像的不平等现象 which welcomed over 60 international delegates from Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania and the West Indies...[read more]

BLOG | International Women's Day highlights 2023

Research fellow Dr Anna Clover shares some highlights from our recent IWD events programme...[read more]

WEBINAR | Scotland's Water Future

Join us for an online discussion about water in Scotland: Scottish Water plans to be carbon neutral, what are the Scottish Government’s future water plans, and our future water research needs... [read more]

BLOG | New Research Fellow for Addressing Inequalities

In January 2023, Dr Anna Clover joined the theme leadership in order to support interdisciplinary research across the college. Hear more about her background and interest in the role... [read more]

PODCAST | About Sus: Episodes 1 and 2

AboutSUS is a new podcast approaching sustainability from a range of disciplinary, experiences, locations and themes... [read more].

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT | Child cultures

A new Marie Curie fellowship in the School of Education will combine arts-based inquiries with narrative interviews to explore how children’s literatures, arts, and media might challenge exclusions...[read more]

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT | Sustainable Screens Scotland

Sustainable Screens Scotland is a new project aiming to support the decarbonisation of the film and television industries in Scotland... [read more]  

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If you would like to get in touch with a theme, or to be added to a mailing list, please contact us using the email addresses below.

Addressing Inequalities:inequalities-irt@glasgow.ac.uk

Challenges in Changing Cities:cicc-irt@glasgow.ac.uk

Digital Society and Economy:digital-irts@glasgow.ac.uk

Justice, Insecurity & Fair Decision Making:justice-irt@glasgow.ac.uk